A game of "Who the fuck are you"!

  • Name: Taylor
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5’3 ish?
  • Relationship status: single…it sucks
  • Birthday: August 2nd
  • Favorite colour: purple, yo
  • Favorite bands: Currently I’m on a Gotye, Kimbra, Regina Spektor, The Black Keys, and and Edward Sharpe kick.
  • Last song listened: Samson by Regina Spektor
  • Favorite movie: ugh wow. I hate this question. I’ll always love the LOTR trilogy above all else. But, a couple other favorites of mine are Almost Famous, Brick, and American Beauty.
  • Last movie watched: Prometheus
  • Last movie in the theatre: Prometheus
  • Favorite book: Harry Potter series, anything by Dennis Lehane and Jonathan Safran Foer. Also, Stephen King. 
  • Last book read: I think it was Fifty Shades of Grey…please don’t judge me.
  • # of siblings: 1
  • # of pets: 3
  • Best school subject: English and history
  • Mac or PC? pc :(
  • Cell phone type: iPhone 4
  • Current shirt color: black and white striped
  • Gamer? haha, no
  • Day or night? probably night just because the sun annoys me sometimes
  • Summer or winter? winter please. I’d rather be cold than balls hot.
  • Most-visited website? tumblr, hulu, netflix, imdb
  • Celebrity crush: current #1: Michael Fassbender and Tom Hiddleston (I can’t choose…their smiles kill me)

#just cause I'm not tired #and I figured I'd answer these questions that nobody cares about.
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